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So my ballot papers have arrived and as I opened them up to vote (yes, I get to vote early by post, so it is make-my-mind-up time) I suddenly realised that I still have no idea which box I should tick … yet.

Initially it was tempting to tick the box against the guy I voted for last time, but that is not really a great way to make such a choice. It is also tempting to simply tick a box against either the Con guy or the Labour guy (the two main parties) because anything else would be a wasted vote … but damn it, I care about specific things, so why should I not go evidence-based and tick the closest match to those who hold similar views.

[Cue analysis of  many dull dreary manifests]

Oh wait, there is a better solution, because the BHA have already done a lot of that and so they have some excellent guidance. Here is a summary of that ..



Oh how interesting …

  • The Con’s more or less support almost none of the things I truly care about
  • Labour … much better, but a tad fuzzy on some issues and a thumbs down for a couple
  • Lib-Dems … even better, far better.
  • UKIP … well come on, you would have been surprised with anything else.
  • SNP … only really of interest to folks North of the border (not me)
  • Green … wow, ticks for the lot.
  • Plaid … just for the folks in Wales.

So that appears to point towards Lib-Dems or Green, and yet that is just a small selection of issues, there are of course other concerns as well, namely fiscal responsibility, and a focus on people over money (Hint: funding the NHS sends a good message, selling it does not).

So who will I vote for?

I think I know, but I’ll sleep on it for now.

I’m not telling you how I will vote, don’t vote for those I might vote for, instead vote for those that support the things that you truly care about.

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