Wingnut Weekly – 17 Oct 2019

Cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired for drawing cartoons that were critical of Trump, drew the above this past week to point out … “One of the impeachment defense strategies being used by the GOP is to say that Trump failed to get dirt on Biden and therefore the extortion attempt is not a crime

The big news of the week has been the commencement of the public Impeachment hearings. As is inevitable, the wingnut brigade focused on it because it is perceived by them to be an attack upon their beloved messiah.

Those jumping to the mic to defend him are not interested in truth. Instead they fear for themselves. If he goes down then they know that by association with him, so would they. Their arguments are not motivated by truth, but rather by a need to try and retain power and influence.

Wingnut proclamations from the last 7 days

Here is this week’s selection of gems that have been mined from the stream of befuddled right-wing / religious proclamations …

Anybody not supporting them is “Satanic” …

Things that are supposedly “Satanic” include doing something about climate change, not being opposed to science, giving people decent healthcare, not locking kids in cages, etc…. (Oh the evil … [shudders]).

Impeachment Process Fan Club…

Inevitably this topic pops up rather a lot …

  • Brenden Dilley asserts that the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump is a sham created by Rep. Adam Schiff in an effort to … “keep America from finding out that he fucks kids.
  • Intercessors for America’s Prayer Guide on Impeachment Lies About Inquiry
  • Meet Jim Jordan, the Congressman Brought in by Team Trump for Impeachment Hearings … “has endorsed conspiracy theories, compared the right’s efforts to beat President Obama in 2012 to overcoming slavery, and has been accused of turning a blind eye to sexual assault at Ohio University during his time as an assistant wrestling coach there.
  • Operation Rescue issued a statement in support of President Donald Trump as impeachment hearings got underway in the House of Representatives today: … “We believe this dubious impeachment process is attempting to unfairly deny the American people of that precious right [to vote], just as most of those who support impeachment have worked to deny innocent babies the precious right to life.”
  • Steven Andrew of USA Christian Church issued a statement in support of Trump: “The Democrats are trying to overthrow the USA by falsely accusing President Trump in a sham impeachment, so Democrats can bring in an evil, anti-Christian type of socialism/communism.”
  • Gary Bauer is not a fan of the impeachment investigation: … “I’ve been in Washington … a long time—and I’ve seen a lot of really disgusting, dirty tricks in politics and all the things that make people despise government—[but] I’ve never seen anything like this.
  • On CBN, Former Fox Pundit Todd Starnes Dismisses Impeachment Inquiry as ‘Deep State Collusion’
  • David Horowitz declares that the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump is just like “what the Russians did”: … “This is a totalitarian show trial that they’re conducting against Trump. They hate him; they’ve wanted to impeach him since he was elected; they organized a coup d’état at the intelligence services. It’s now like Star Chamber proceedings, just like the Inquisition.
  • Satan Is Behind Impeachment Investigation, Says Charisma’s Stephen Strang

Socialism causes Bestiality …

The Cult of Trump …

  • Gina Loudon claims that, thanks to Trump, women … “are truly equal for the first time ever.
  • Jim Bakker knows that “the president knows God” and has been “chosen of God.”
  • Franklin Graham, Without Irony, Defends Trump By Saying God “Detests Lying Lips”
  • Christian Preacher: Critics of Donald Trump Are Being Driven by Satan
    • Yep we are back to this again, Satan wants all Americans to have affordable health care.

Predictions …

Finally, Mark Taylor is as daft as ever …

  • Mark Taylor explains that the black eye former president Jimmy Carter received as a result of a recent fall is really a sign of his allegiance to the Illuminati.

What else came out of the Wingnut fantasy land?

Lots of other stuff. 

As always, it is an endless stream. Some of it is sad, some is rather grim, and some is quite frankly hilarious. Here are a few more samples …

  • Pastor: Ron Reagan Said He Wasn’t Afraid of Hell Because He Secretly Is!
  • Hate-Preacher: Girls Who Look Like Rachel Maddow Are “Repulsive” to “Normal” Men
  • Republican Erects “Pray for President Trump” Billboards Amid Impeachment Probe
    • There’s a reason this guy’s not praying for the truth to come out.
  • This Televangelist Thinks God Will Heal Every Part of the Body He Touches
  • Kanye West Will Supposedly Appear at Joel Osteen’s Megachurch This Weekend
    • They will no doubt give each other tips on Tax
  • Hundreds of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse Have Quietly Escaped Justice
  • Ohio House Bill Would Ban Teachers from Punishing Kids for Their Religious Views
  • Pastor Puts $4.4 Million Mansion Up for Auction After Being Forced to Pay Taxes
  • Bishop Investigating Child Sex Abuse Was Just Accused of Child Sex Abuse
    • Go buy a new irony meter. Your current one just exploded.
  • Christian Website Warns Kanye West: Joel Osteen is a Fake Christian
  • Christian “Prophet”: A “Legally Blind Lady Was Healed” at My Event
    • Actual “evidence” for this fraudulent claim? – Zero.
  • High School Principal Who Banned LGBTQ Books Indicted on Child Porn Charges

Takedown of the week

There was also good stuff such as this. Samantha Bee took a look at Trump’s “spiritual adviser” Paula White, now the administration’s head of the Faith and Opportunity Initiative. It is very entertaining …

Dumb-ass of the week – Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn

Here is her tweet …

That is Shakespeare. Marsha Blackburn was quoting Shakespeare, not Jesus.

The deep irony here is that her Shakespeare quote — from “Henry VI, Part 2” — is widely interpreted as a message about how lawyers are capable of protecting the rule of law from a corrupt leader out to grab power. 

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