‪#‎ExMuslimBecause‬ is trending

Hey, this is something new, #‎ExMuslimBecause‬ has been trending on twitter.

One of the most powerful arguments against religious belief often comes, not from those that do not believe, but rather from the actions and behaviour of those that truly do, and then follow it through to the letter. A Christian example of this that springs to mind is the rather common anti-gay stance promoted by many, but when it comes to Islam beliefs, we rather sadly need not look too hard to find rampant intolerance, homophobia, violence and murder. Do all Muslims behave like that? Nope, but the observation that the Quran and also the hadiths do, when read literally, justify such behaviour.

In response to recent events, the Twitter hash tag #‎ExMuslimBecause‬ is trending, and so here, grabbed at random are a few of the top samples …

(I’m simply pasting in the twitter links … in theory the server should (if I setup things correctly) render the links into the actual tweets)

It is not all positive

As you might expect, there is also rather a lot of backlash happening under that same hash tag … and that perhaps in itself only confirms that those brave enough to take a stand and declare that they have left Islam have indeed made the right choice.

Is some of that backlash really bad?

Yep …


As an aside, he has been shamed into deleting his account.


The Internet has disrupted rather a lot – we now live in a world where the largest Taxi Company (Uber) owns no taxies, and the largest media company (Facebook) creates no content, and so it should be no surprise that belief is also being disrupted and challenged as never before because of this greatly accelerated means of communication. In this instance the voiceless have taken to twitter to band together with one voice that reaches out across the planet right across borders and enables them to express their disbelief as a response to absurd ideas and abhorrent behaviour that they endure. No longer can such rebellion be gagged or suppressed with threats and intimidation.

More of the #‎ExMuslimBecause tweets

Ali A. Rizvi has a small collection on his Facebook feed …

Further Information

Councils of Ex-Muslims

If you are a Muslim that is having serious doubts, don’t know who to turn to for help, and are afraid of what might happen if you expressed your doubts, then be assured that there are ex-Muslims that you can reach out to for help:

On the UK site you will find the following resources that may be of help:

WikiIslam – Online criticism of Islam

The primary goal of WikiIslam is to collect facts relating to the criticism of Islam from valid Islamic sources.

WikiIslam is not an Islamophobic, racist or a hate site, many of the site’s administrators and editors are from a Muslim background and/or are skeptics from Muslim majority nations.

Recommended Reading – The Islamist Delusion by Saif Rahman

“The Islamist Delusion – From Islamist to Cultural Muslim Humanist” is a well-researched and highly recommended book by Saif Rahman who is the Founder of HMCA (Humanist & Cultural Muslim & Assoc).

It was written by Mr Rahman over the course of 8 years and details his reasons for leaving Islam & becoming an agnostic humanist, and is a comprehensive and objective study for Muslims seeking a fair & balanced analysis of traditionalist Islam; and for non-Muslims interested in gaining rarely found insights.

Available from the Amazon UK Kindle store here:

Available from the Amazon US Kindle store here:

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