Top 3 weird Religious News Items for the week – Sun 5th March 2017

I appear to have started a weekly posting because this is now the third week of this. Last week’s is here, and so I have now scanned the landscape to bring you three more items of religious weirdness from the past week.

Item 1 – Evangelist Franklin Graham: Planned Parenthood Fundraiser is like Building “Nazi Death Camp”

Did he actually make this claim?

The context is that Barbara Bush, daughter of former president George W. Bush, gave a speech a few days ago. It was a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood and so it gained a few headlines because of who she is related to.

Always eager to ride the crest of any publicity, Mr Graham linked to an article about the speech and posted this rather strongly worded and quite frankly utterly bizarre rant on his Facebook page …

Myth 1 : Planned Parenthood tried to sell baby parts. That has been robustly debunked.

Myth 2 : Planned Parenthood is all about abortions. Once again this is not factual, that is only about 3% of what they do. In reality what they actually do is help people with STDs, breast cancer screenings, prenatal smears, etc…

Myth 3 : Abortion is equivalent to murder, hence his absurd Nazi death camp claim. If indeed abortion is murder, then why is a miscarriage not classified as manslaughter. If you wish to put aside the religious rhetoric and understand just how complex the entire topic actually is, then I recommend this posting written by Carl Sagan which tests to destruction the claims by all sides.

Almost everything Mr Graham has posted is founded upon myths, but then as an evangelist, the promotion of myths as “truth” is what he does for a living, so I guess this is not such a huge leap from that.

Item 2 – Pat Robertson: Why Do People Hate Donald Trump? “I Think It’s Satanic”

It is perhaps inevitable that Mr Robertson once again pops up, and so he should perhaps be recognised as a true master of BS.

This week a caller on his show appears to be a bit confused about why so many are opposed to Mr Trump and asks Mr Robertson to comment by asking What’s so wrong with making America Great Again?!

Mr Robertson’s reply is truly daft …

There’s a desire on the part of some, and I think it’s satanic, it really is spiritual, to destroy America. America is the great hope of the world. If America goes down, the lamp of freedom goes out. There’s no other champion of freedom anywhere in the world and we would be engulfed in chaos.

We were heading that way. Obama was bringing it on. Another four or eight years of Obama-style government and we would have been consumed with a socialist mentality and the freedom that we’ve enjoyed would be blotted out so God gave us a reprieve and this thing is spiritual. It really is spiritual. We need this land, it’s so important. I counsel you: Pray for this nation, pray for the president, pray for this nation, what’s being done against him surpasses—it’s not human, it’s a spiritual thing.

So there you go then, apparently criticism of a pussy-grabbing lunatic who has appointed a cabinet of incompetent buffoons, such as this sentence, is a “satanic” act.

Item 3 – Britain What?

This last item is perhaps an example of why you should never ever listen to somebody who says “Hey don’t worry about getting a professional designer to do the poster, I have a son who is very good with photoshop” …

I can only wonder if “British Arse” is targeting a fringe group of religious people who have a specific fetish. Clearly the guy positioned between AR and SE has indeed had something rammed up his arse and appears to be quite enjoying it.

A more serious question to ponder over is to wonder why nobody involved in “Britain Arise” actually noticed.

Now you might perhaps consider the possibility that this is a prank and somebody photoshopped the original. Nope, here it is on their official facebook page.

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