#TAM9 – Friday Echo

Tempting as it might be to live-blog, there are folks out there doing a far better job than I ever cold, so I’ll simply point you in their direction ..

  • Friendly Atheist has been live-blogging the sessions here … with some help from some friends, and also some cool pictures as well, plus a link to that Tyson vs Dawkins video.

Twitter has of course been in full swing, to tune in, you can tap the #TAM9 Twitter feed here. But if not bothered, then to help bring back the day, here are a few of the tweets that I liked … enjoy

  • When the #TAM9 DVD comes out, the space panel alone will make it worth the price. – Phil Plait
  • “philosophers basically invented atheism.” Tyson says less than 1% of philosophers are religious. Elite scientists? 7% religious.- Jennifer Ouellette
  • Germany has buildings with negatively numbered floors below street level, but most U.S. elevators don’t have a 13th floor. – Jim Lippard
  • @neiltyson You and Bill Nye need to do a buddy cop tv how – Jennifer McCreight
  • NCSE is expanding their brief to cover climate change denial as well as creationism…good news! – PZ Myers
  • Richard Wiseman pitched a TV show called CoffinCam to show a decaying body. Producers asked if they could use a celebrity. – Jim Lippard
  • JREF HQ to move to L.A. except for Asimov library which will stay in FL in new location. Old office closed. – Jim Lippard
  • Guest rogue spot on #SGU just auctioned off for $2600 – Jacob Niehus
  • Fully expecting attendees to cross out the “14’s” in the elevators now. – Shark Launcher
  • The best solo act in Vegas right now: Neil deGrasse Tyson. – Siddharth
  • @neiltyson “bilogy = the study of things that come in twos” lol – Dale Roy
  • .@neiltyson “it’s moments like that, that remind you why we fought a war to get the hell out of England.” #TAM9 LOL
  • Was Bill Nye clapping for tapping a hurricane or tapping a keg?  – Jennifer McCreight
  • Tyson: “We are experiencing the slow fading of what it means to be American” Increasingly likely that science is happening elsewhere
  • “Hi Neil, honor to meet you. I’m the one who suggested a buddy cop show and yelled bikinis. WAIT COME BACK I’M GETTING MY PHD” – Jennifer McCreight
  • Tyson played a video w/ this quote of Dawkins quoting another: Science is interesting, and if you don’t agree, you can fuck off.  – schnookiekins
  • Tyson: “I need to rebut Lawrence.” George hrab: “make it quick, our keynote speaker is a real diva.”
  • Pamela gay is shushing neil and getting away with it. Oh god this is so fucking awesome.- Ashley F. Miller
  • #TAM9 most amazing panel discussion, Tyson vs Krauss with help from Nye, Gay & Plait, shame it has to end, this is brilliant, #Tamgasm – Peter
  • “I wanna go ice fishing on Europa.” Neil Tyson on his fave NASA mission that does not yet exist.
  • Lawrence Krauss: let’s not pretend human space travel is for science. It’s for adventure.
  • @GeorgeHrab watching @neiltyson @TheScienceGuy @BadAstronomer @starstryder and Lawrence Krauss Fromm offstage at #TAM9 yfrog.com/kewm9grj

Thats it for now folks … I need to go crash for a bit before I head off to hang out with Penn and Teller.

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