Skeptics in the Tub

Did you ever come across “Skeptics in the Pub”?

No!! … Oh then you better go check it out. Click here to find one near you. Skeptics in the Pub is a place for skeptics to meet and converse (usually) once every month. The event was founded in London, UK by Dr Scott Campbell in 1999, and is for all those interested in the bizarre, and the rational approach to extraordinary claims. It is now run by Sid Rodrigues.

Anyway, I’ve just come across a new twist, its “Skeptics in the Tub” … in this instance its a hot tub. Phil Plate, of “Bad Astronomer” fame, somehow managed to persuade Ashley Paramore to strip off and join him in a hot tub for an on camera interview.

Phil advises:

The background audio is a bit loud, but it’s not too hard to hear us. The red color is due to low light conditions plus the weird lighting outside at the casino.

Wait what! … did he say a hot tub at a casino!! Yes indeed. TAM-8 met in July at a Las Vegas casino. He also comments:

As usual when someone interviews me, I’m a smartass for the first few minutes, but then we get down to business: my tattoo, Bad Universe, Universe Today, Pamela Gay, and skepticism. I listened to the interview, and I have to say I pontificate an awful lot for a guy standing around in swim trunks. Still, I’m glad I got a chance to say some of that stuff. The last three minutes or so are actually rather important… they’re important issues to me, but also, I think, to the skeptic community at large. And I’ll have more to say on that subject hopefully soon.

And for those who want to see the actual interview … well here it is …

Source: Phil’s Bad Astronomer blog posting 10th Aug

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