Preacher Gives a Familiar Speech Against Gay Rights, but With a Surprising Twist

OFFICIAL_Preacher_Phil_Snider_gives_interesting_gay_rights_speech_-_YouTubeThis is not a new story, but rather is an old one that dates back to 2012. The Friendly Atheist has been highlighting some of his older postings on Facebook, and while this goes back a few years, it was new to me.

The context is a council meeting in Springfield, Missouri where testimony is being offered by community members in support of and also opposed to an ordnance that proposed adding LGBT people to the list of minorities protected from discrimination.

The clip is of Rev. Phil Snider of the Brentwood Christian Church and it starts out with stuff you will have heard many times from the anti-gay advocates … but, this really is different, so do watch it all, because it has a very powerful twist at the end that perhaps came as a complete surprise to all those listening …

(Side note: This clip has had almost 5 million hits on YouTube, you will soon see why)

You have to salute him for coming up with a very creative way of making a truly ethical stance for equality.

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