Conservative congressional candidate shares screenshot, forgets to close porn windows

This is quite frankly hilarious … Mike Webb, a conservative candidate for the United States Congress, believes in full accountability, and so he tries to engage directly himself with the public.

So far it is not going too well for him, because while attempting to share a screenshot on Facebook in order to win some daft argument regarding finding employment, he forgot to close other tabs, and as you can clearly see, he is quite obviously spending time “researching” porn …

mike webb

… and just in case you missed it, here is a closeup of the tabs in the top right …

Porn and Politics

Whenever you hear the words “porn” and “politics” being combined within a US context, then you are almost guaranteed to be able to tick the following two items …

  • Republican
  • Religious

So I checked out his Facebook page, and yes indeed, that’s a tick for both, and to be frank anything else would have been a surprise.

As you might imagine, he also received a few rather predictable comments and messages …

Now the Skeptical Bit

OK, fun over, now comes the skeptical bit.

His Facebook page links to … but that has expired and is no longer valid.

Is he actually real or is this just a satire?

He is quite real.

However, while he might claim to be Republican candidate, but he is not. He tried, but was not selected as the official Republican candidate, and instead Charles Hernick got the official GOP nomination, so Mr Webb is simply an independent. In other words, his chances of actually being elected prior to this latest reveal was exactly zero, so it will not have done his chances of being elected any harm at all.

Meanwhile, Mr Webb is busy posting confirmation that he is still running for congress, and is also lacing his postings with bible verses. Oh and much of what he posts is quite weird. The cynic within me does wonder if this was a clever bit marketing designed to stir up some media attention for a failing campaign, or just plain old stupidity. Looking at his various postings, I think I’m inclined to very much lean towards the latter conclusion.

He previously made the news when it was revealed that …

Mike Webb, who’s running for the Republican congressional nomination in Virginia’s Eighth District, which includes Arlington, says a “targeted cyber attack” prevented him from filing his quarterly campaign finance report.

Now we know the real reason, clearly he was way too busy checking out porn sites.

Incidentally, read the above article and the comments that follow and it soon becomes clear (if it hasn’t already) that Mr Webb is more than a little bit eccentric. If by some weird fluke he did actually get elected, then Trump will find that he fits right in.

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