Atheism is just for middle-aged guys … right?

Atheism is just something that middle-aged white guys are into and is of little interest to others .. right?

Er … perhaps not … here are nine strong independent women who can think for themselves


Here is Julianne Moore’s interview with the Hollywood Reporter last January

Here is Thandie Newton’s moving 2011 TED Talk,

This is Angel Haze’s 2012 interview with Complex

Here is Emma Thompson’s 2008 interview with the Australian

This is Keira Knightley’s interview with David Cronenberg in Interview magazine

This is Beth Ditto’s 2007 interview with Jane Bussman for the Sunday Times

This is Helen Mirren’s interview where she is telling Esquire this within their August 2011 issue

Hirsi Ali campaigns strongly against religious extremism


Yep, definitely all middle-aged white guys, so it does indeed look like the classical stereotype is true.

Meanwhile, other questions we should ponder over include …

  • Does the pope shit in the woods?
  • Are bears Catholic?

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