Pastor Greg Locke: “hospitals of America are the death camps of East Germany”

Pastor Greg Locke has a true gift. In the extremely competitive Evangelical Asshole relay race, he often manages to not simply take the lead by a slither, but by a wide margin. His sermon last Sunday was an Olympic class example.

Via a tweet from Hemant, here it is below.

Warning: before clicking play you might like to consider popping a pillow under your jaw to save you a bit of pain when it bounces on the floor so many times that some might begin to think it is a basketball.

(Don’t say I didn’t warn you)

For some devices Twitter does not render all that well, so here is a script of what he said …

Stop believing all these numbers — inflated evil and wicked nonsense.

All these people are NOT DYING OF WHAT THEY’RE TELLING YOU THEY’RE DYING OF! The hospitals of America are the death camps of East Germany. The worst place to go today is a hospital when you are sick. They are killing people for money. On purpose. And you know I’m telling you the facts.

I don’t give two flips of a nickel what Nancy Pelosi thinks about it.

These doctors and nurses are killing people and blaming us! It’s ’em unmasked people. It’s ’em unvaccinated people. I ain’t playing with this bunch of demons.

I don’t care what Right Wing Watch thinks. CNN can say anything they want to. You got the wrong one if you think I’m gonna bow down to this wicked evil nonsense.

I ain’t playing their games. I’ll preach all day long and miss the Chinese buffet if I have to!

A deeply challenging question

Well gosh, who do we believe?

The choice is this:

  • There exists a grand conspiracy that involves every doctor and every nurse within every nation on the entire planet. People are not dying of COVID, but instead are being murdered by health care workers, and all of this is being hushed up. Clearly the FDA, the CDC, and every other medical body is in on this conspiracy. They are doing it for money. That apparently includes all the not-for-profits involved, including for example the UK’s National Health Service
  • The other option is that a lone pastor in a tent in Tennessee is spouting bullshit out of his ass.

Well damn, this is such a hard call to make. I’m struggling, I tell you, struggling.

You can feel the sweat falling off my brow as I grapple with this decision.

Death Camps in East Germany

He really did reach as he tried to play the Nazi death camp card. Unfortunately, Greg crashed and failed in a truly spectacular manner.

East Germany was established as an entity after WWII in 1949. The GDR might indeed have been deeply flawed, undemocratic, and repressive, but “death camps” were not their thing. I don’t mean to play down what they were about, if you were a political prisoner in the GDR, then life was not a picnic.

He is probably trying to reference the Nazi era. What is perhaps the most well-known and largest, Auschwitz, was located in Poland, not Germany.

While it is bizarre to hear this lunatic claim that all health care workers are akin to Nazis, the deeply disturbing aspect is that his audience is cheering and clapping him as he says this.

The Chinese Buffet

The one thing you simply can’t deny is Greg’s deep commitment to what he is saying.

His last line really confirms this.

How does he demonstrate the depth of his steadfastness on all of this?

Does he propose to sacrifice your firstborn?


Perhaps he is willing to sell all he has and give it all to the poor?

Are you kidding, this is Greg.

No, instead, as confirmation that he is willing to go all the way on this he confirms …

I’ll preach all day long and miss the Chinese buffet if I have to!

Yes indeed shudder and tremble in awe at his willingness to …(checks notes)… “miss the Chinese buffet.

Never before in the entire history of humanity has anybody been willing to go that far for any cause. It truly is the ultimate sacrifice.

Greg is Running a Death Cult

He has his audience convinced that if you are ill then you need to avoid going to hospital.

Greg is of course also well-known as anti-mask and also anti-vaccine. He has declared that anybody who shows up at his church wearing a face mask will be kicked out. He also often yells at his congregation to not get vaccinated.

He really is doing his very best to ensure that lots of those that attend his services greatly increase their chances of dying. This is not speculation, some who attended his church have already died of what is now a wholly preventable disease.

If you find yourself in a church where Satan is the reasonable rational choice, then it might be time to consider finding another church.

If indeed you are concerned that many people like this are living amongst us, then I can’t help but observe that natural selection is going to end up removing rather a lot of these people from the gene pool.

There are literally tens of thousands of people walking around today who will be dead within months. The tragedy here is that most of them could have made a different choice and prevented it from happening to them. They have folks like Greg to thank for that.

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