Guy hunting Bigfoot ends up getting shot

article-2486839-192D348100000578-221_634x404Find three guys who truly believe Bigfoot is real, give each of them a gun, then send them off into the woods to hunt for Bigfoot … what could possibly go wrong?

This perhaps

The Rogers County, Oklahoma Sheriff’s Department arrested three men after one of them was accidentally shot. Authorities are still searching for the gun used in the shooting.

According to Sheriff Scott Walton, the three men were hunting Bigfoot late Saturday night, when one of them was spooked by what he thought might be the legendary beast and fired his weapon, hitting his friend in the back.

Sheriff Walton is also quoted as saying …

When you start off with an explanation like that, do you believe anything after that?

OK, now the skeptical bit … no, not a takedown of the Bigfoot legend, but rather the claim that they were hunting Bigfoot in the first place. The problem I have is that the picture below shows you where this actually happened …

Pictured here is the corner of 177th East Avenue and Tiger Switch Road in Oklahoma … yes, Oklahoma, not Oregon or Washington State. This is where they claim that their Bigfoot hunt ended up with one of them being shot.

Do you believe the claim that they were just hunting Bigfoot?

Nope, neither do I and neither do the police. Rather mysteriously, the weapon used in the shooting has also vanished.

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