Living in the Idiocracy – No need to wait 500 years

Idiocracy is the 2006 movie in which two ordinary people get frozen for 500 years and wake up to a future where natural selection has been rather indifferent as regards intelligence. In other words, all the stupid people managed to outbreed the smart ones. The net result is a world populated entirly by illiterate alcoholic degenerate morons. These Inarticulate citizens stare slack-jawed at the base entertainments of the Violence Channel, the president is a former wrestler who presides over monster-truck gladiator spectacles in a rundown arena and the crops are dying because they are being irrigated with a sports drink called Brawndo, “the Thirst Mutilator.” Oh and some well-known brands survive after 500 years, “Fuddruckers” apparently evolves into “Buttfuckers”, and “Starbucks” is no longer just coffee, its also a brothel.

Now don’t freak out, its just a movie, its simply satire, and its funny, so I’m not suggesting that it will all happen. I suspect many of you will not have seen it, there was no major theatre release, but it still managed to gain a bit of a cult following, so you just might have caught it.

If curious to find out more about the movie itself, read the Wikipedia article here, or simply check out the New York Times article here.

As I look around, I do wonder at times if we are already living in the Idiocracy. Take for example Homeopathy; in the UK the House of Commons select committiee cleary identified it as a placebo at best, they even got Boots to admit that it does not work, and that they only sell it because of the demand. We also have the BMA declaring it to be “Witchcraft” and not real medicine … yet what is the goverment response? … They have opted to keep funding it in the NHS to facilitate choice. When you go to the NHS for treatment, you expect real medicine, not some magic pill that has been proven not to work in over 200 clinial trials … yes indeed, its “Idiocracy” incarnate today, no need to wait 500 years.

Apparently Health minister Anne Milton said complementary and alternative medicine “has a long tradition“, Well so does sun worship, animal sacrifice and blood letting, should they also be available on the NHS?

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