The Frankie Boyle “Twit on Twitter” Award

The Frankie Boyle Twit on Twitter award is bestowed upon any prominent individual or organization that displays a huge disconnect with their own responsibility for something. Back in 2015 Richard Branson tweeted a picture of himself from his boat far out in the Atlantic. He expressed his deep concern for conservation and the #Arctic.

The UK based Comedian, Frankie Boyle, tweeted back at him the rather obvious rebuttal …

The 2020 Twit on Twitter award goes to … Shell

Shall, yes that “Shell”, the oil company, ran a little poll a few days ago, asking people what they will do to help reduce emissions.

Only 199 people responded, so not exactly a huge response.

However, what is rather obvious is of course the observation that this is an oil producer asking others what they are going to do to help reduce the emissions that are responsible for climate change.

As you can imagine, a few folks pointed out just how truly disconnected they were from the fact that it was their product that is at the root cause of the issue they appear to now be concerned about.

The inevitable outcome of their tweet is of course many pointing out the blindly obvious …

Rinse and repeat.

Did Shell really know, are they guilty of covering up climate change?

You might wonder how much the senior executives at Shell really knew about Climate Change. Did they simply run a business and were quite oblivious to the harm their product was doing, or where they in Tobacco Industry territory, in the sense that they knew, and strove to cover it all up?

The evidence points very strongly to the latter being the case.

They really did know.

They have also spent millions lobbying against climate policies.

How did Shell respond to the feedback?

Full PR mode kicks in.

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