Fantastic Illusion & Secret of how its done

This is a truly amazing illusion, here we see Professor Richard Wiseman make a skull vanish. He is not using a camera trick and it does not in any way involve any CGI. Now what is really cool, is that in the 2nd half of the clip, you learn how he does it.

OK, its a viral add for his latest book … but what the heck, its a great trick and he is also a great author. Click below to watch …

Seeing this does cause me to pause and ponder … much of what we think we see is often an illusion like this. You will encounter folks who are 100% sure they have seen a ghost or some other similar paranormal event, yet often there is a far simpler more natural explanation. The viewer might indeed be totally convinced of the reality of what they have seen, but take a slight different viewing angle and often the hidden reality comes into view.

When faced with paranormal claims … be skeptical … there is usually a far simpler answer.

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