Some Twitter Fun

Nothing too serious today and instead just a bit of twitter fun.

Many organisations see twitter as an opportunity to reach out to their customers, but hey, people are people and so the observation that everybody is “normal” until you get to know them can at times prove to be a tad challenging. Other do truly rise to the challenge and have mastered the fine art of public PR, and so with that thought in mind here are a few gems.


Greggs and Google

A fake Grepps logo popped up and Greggs the bakers wanted Google to sort it out.

Virgin Trains

Waterstones Book Store

Lots of people them proceeded to express concern and started bombarding the Waterstones twitter account until they Finally they announced his liberty.

Domino’s Pizza

Sounds serious … oh but wait …

Sainsbury’s with some rather fishy puns

It all started with a typo … a missing ‘e’

and it ran and ran …

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