“Staff very unfriendly”

If you run a Hotel then it means that you will indeed meet all sorts of people, some of course will be very nice and a true delight to meet, others will be complete twats. One such example of the latter category involves a review on Trip Advisor for the following hotel …
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A Mr Pat Houlihan who stayed had a rather bad experience, and so he was sufficiently motivated to leave the following rather negative review  …

Wow … staff who were rude, so much so that Mr Houlihan had never experienced anything like it before, what could have possibly happened to motivate such a negative review?

Turns out that there was a story behind this review, a few rather interesting facts had not been taken into consideration by Mr Houlihan, and so the manager decided to reply to the above  as follows …
Lesson for the day: A bad review need not imply a bad hotel, it can also be the result of the guest being a complete twat.

Did this really happen? Well, if curious, you can find the review here.

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