eBay – Body Enhancement Spell Cast by Magical Witch

Rebecca Watson, (of Skepchick fame) is running an eBay auction for a magical spell. The description reads …

Are you tired of improving your physical self through diet, exercise, or careful grooming?

Have you considered trying MAGIC?

Yes, you have considered it. Otherwise why would you be here on eBay looking for a magical spell?

But are you gullible enough to believe it will work?

Yes, you are! That’s why you’re going to bid.

You are bidding on the chance of a lifetime: noted skeptic (and former magician!) Rebecca Watson (pictured, studying) of Skepchick.org will channel all her magical abilities into an actual, time-tested Wiccan incantation (say it three times fast) that may (or may not) physically alter your body in whatever way you choose!

Your options include (but are not limited to):

* plumper butt
* bigger boobies
* six-pack abs
* elephantine genitalia
* horns growing out of your skull
* prehensile tail
* robot hand
* different eye color
* additional head
* removal of head
Get creative! These spells seem like pretty powerful DOODY [previous horrible no good expletive has been removed in order to protect the children], man.
Not only will I perform this spell for you, but I will record it and put it online so that you know I followed through.
Other eBay witches will not do this!
How do you know they’re really dangling bat testicles over your ass-improvement candle? You do not know.
In the video I upload to YouTube, I will include any info about you that you’d like, so if you want to plug your own channel or website, that’s totally cool. You’ll probably see an impressive increase in traffic.
But more importantly you will see devil horns protruding from your skull!
(If that’s what you want.)
Free shipping!
(Spells travel via the aether. There is no charge for this.)
No returns!
(It is against the Witch’s Code to refund your money and then do another spell that makes your ass fat again. I assume.)
Here’s what other eBay witches put on their auctions so I figure I’ll write it, too:
You must be 18 years old to purchase. Psychic, paranormal, haunted and/or magical items are for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for any paranormal activity you may or may not experience.

So far … 16 bids with the highest being $86 at time of writing … and 1 day to go. She, along with the other folks on the SGU (Skeptics Guide the the Universe) podcast were chatting about the fact that you can buy magical spells on eBay. Now here is Rebecca selling her own.

I just love the response, its the very best kind. Don’t rant and foam at the mouth about all the nutters and scam artists out there … instead go out and join them, but be even crazier than they are with your very own skeptical satire. Its a truly fabulous way to drive the point home with humor.

Oops, almost forgot … here is a link the the auction itself.

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