Amanda Berry is alive and well … and proves Sylvia Browne to be a fraud

72168_293885560746397_1220842512_nThe news is fabulous, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight who vanished 10 years ago were assumed to dead have been found alive and well … but you now know this, it would be hard not to, it has been quite rightly plastered all over every news cast.

What can I add that has not already been said? Well, how about this …

Ten years ago, Sylvia Browne, the popular fraudster who claims to have psychic powers that enable her to talk to the dead, stated on live TV to Amanda Berry’s mum that Amanda Berry was dead…

Amanda Berry’s mother asks Psychic Sylvia Browne ‘Is she out there’ |

Amanda Berry’s mother traveled to New York to tell her story to Psychic Sylvia Browne on the Montel Williams Show. The show was a shot at getting her daughter’s picture before the eyes of millions of Americans. “On April 21st 2003, 16-year-old Amanda Berry left her part-time job never to be seen again,” the show began. With that, TV viewers across America now know a girl from Cleveland is missing. But Amanda Berry’s mom wanted more than her daughter’s picture on national TV. She wants answers. “Can you tell me…Is she out there?” Berry’s mother Louwana Miller asked. “I hate when they’re in the water,” Browne said. “She’s not alive honey.” It was bad news from the world-renowned psychic. It’s what Miller didn’t want to hear. “So you don’t think I’ll ever see her again,” Miller said. “Yeah in Heaven on the other side,” Browne responded. “I’m sorry.”

Yep, Amanda’s Mom thought her child was dead. She died of heart failure in 2006.

It is utterly tragic that this fraud led Amanda Berry’s mum to think her daughter was dead, and died never knowing the truth.

Lets be 100% clear … least there be any doubt in your mind … there can be no better demonstration than this great news …

Sylvia Browne is a complete fraud

There is no doubt about that, so do not be fooled. While many do indeed claim psychic abilities, there is no such thing, in all of human history there has never been one single instance of such an ability being able to get through a proper double-blind scientific test that has been properly designed to eliminate the trickery or our ability to fool ourselves.

  • Some just do a trick for fun and tell you it is not real – imagine how easily you could be fooled by Darren Brown if he pretended to be psychic, what he does is far better than most of the hustlers, but being a honest mentalist, he explains it is simply a trick
  • Some have successfully fooled themselves into thinking they have a psychic gift – they make an intuitive guess, it is right, they are told they are right, and so they fool themselves into thinking it is real and by simply ignoring the misses, they latch on to the successive flow of hits to create a feedback loop, that re-enforces their false belief.
  • Some are professional con-artists in it to scam the gullible – they know it is a fraud and consciously utilize cold reading and other tricks to prey on the gullible and bereaved to simply make a profit … this is where Silvia Browne and others like her sit, it takes a truly horrific moral low to make money off people’s sorrow as she does.

Bottom line, take note of this case and NEVER trust a psychic, if you do then you risk being fooled. DO not waste your time, your effort and your hopes.


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I got this insight from Doubtful News

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