Freedom from QAnon Destruction – #QAnon

On a personal and individual level, there are two distinct impacts that QAnon brings.

  • The first is the destruction it brings to the personal relationships of those connected to individuals inside the cult
  • The second is the destruction it brings to those who have been conned and sucked in

Nothing about QAnon is true and nothing about it is beneficial. It simply sucks people in, then proceeds to consume and destroy both them and also the lives of those that are connected to its victims.

This is the way it is.

The objective of this posting to not to argue about any of this, or persuade those that don’t yet see it as it is. The goal here is to offer pointers to resources for those that do now see this and are seeking real help.

My Loved one has been sucked in – Where Can I find others that can help?

On Reddit there is a group called “QAnonCasualties“.


There you will find a community of roughly 135K people. It is described as follows…

Have a friend or loved one taken in by QAnon? Look here for support, resources and a place to vent. Peruse old posts, settle in and relax. Learn to heal, deal and deprogram. Posts should relate to the direct experience of dealing with Q/adjacent folk. This can include posts with support, info or practical advice. Anyone can comment, but be substantive and in good faith.

I really believed in QAnon, but now I have doubts – Where can I find others who can help?

On Reddit there is a group called “ReQovery“.


There you will find a community of roughly 7.7K people. It is described as follows…

Sister-subreddit of r/QAnonCasualties. A forum for ex-QAnon believers to vent, receive emotional support, and share news and commentary about QAnon. Attention: media members! Visit r/XQRequests instead!

Rule 1: Don’t be a dickhead

Rule 2: See rule 1

Any violation will result in a permanent ban, no warnings, no exceptions, no nothing. This is your warning. You don’t like it? Leave. We want quality, not quantity.

Links to Advice and Guidance

How can I help somebody who has been sucked into the QAnon cult?

Why is it like this?

Deeper Dive

QAnon Exit & Help – Where can I find more guidance?

Via this following link you will find a Wiki that contains links to lots of very helpful advice and guidance

And also, various individuals within QAnonCasualties have over time written some very insightful and practical advice. Here is a list of some of those:

My days obsessed with The Truthtm were some of my most depressed. Realize that behind the obsession, arrogance, and certainty is a lot of repressed fear and hurt.

ex-QAnon believer.

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