Scam Alert: An EMF protector for your WiFi

The above is a real product that you can buy on Amazon right now that I’ve just come across. It is not unique, but instead is simply one of many similar products that are very blatant scams.

It is a cover that you put over your WiFi router that claims to block EMF.

For those rather challenged people out there, permit me to break it down for you step by step.

You have a WiFi router, a device that emits radio waves so that your other devices can interface to it to gain Internet access. Somebody sells you on the utterly bizarre and robustly debunked idea that EMF disrupts your DNA or similar and is bad for you, so here is a cover that you can put over your WiFi router to block EMF.

What exactly is EMF?

EMF stands for “electromagnetic field”.

An example would be radio waves. These are used to transmit information. Think TV, radio, mobile phones, and of course WiFi routers.

The reason you have the WiFi router is to generate radio waves.

What you are buying is a product that supposedly blocks the WiFi signal to protect you from a danger that does not actually exist.

If you are deeply concerned and really do want to buy this, then just unplug your WiFi router, box it up and send it back to the retailer.


Because you are quite frankly too stupid to own or operate a WiFi router.

But it has Lots of 5 Star Reviews

Various reviewers claim “Yep, it works”, but also claim that their WiFi signal is now a lot poorer and no longer works in other parts of their house.

Well duh! … I wonder why.

Since the product is a mesh made of a copper / nickel / polyester then it will to some degree act like a small Faraday cage.

You don’t totally enclose your WiFi router with this, it’s a bag not a cage, so it will still let some of the WiFi signal out. It will also act like a filter that blocks lower frequencies and let higher frequencies out.

The impact of this is that you will most probably end up increasing your exposure to EMF.


Basically because your various devices will struggle to connect due to the greatly reduced signal, so will be sending out pings trying to find a signal, and also draining the battery on your mobile rather rapidly.

You can most probably get the exact same effect by buying a really cheap WiFi router that has a very weak signal.

Can You Totally skip the WiFi “risk”?

Sure, just disable the WiFi signal and go for cables to all your devices.

As for mobiles, nope, that will need to be EMF or no connection.

Instead of your own WiFi there is of course 3G, 4G or even 5G … oh wait, that’s also EMF, so you better bin the smartphone. In fact, just to be sure, also disconnect your power supply, and cover your windows …

… or just go with a bit of common sense and not buy into the absurd claim that does not have any robust evidence.

The Product Claim is this

[GREENER LIVING ENVIRONMENT] The harmful from wifi router may not be very high, but it is still microwave radiation. There are many studies that link the radiation to a host of other sicknesses and neurological problems. We think we are keeping our children safe and we do not realize how much danger we are putting them in by exposing them to all of these electromagnetic toxins. While this wifi router cover could protect us.

OK, let’s clear something up. The claim that there are “many studies” that confirm that WiFi routers emit harmful radiation is bullshit.

It has indeed been extensively studied. The prevailing scientific evidence is that the EMF emitted by Wi-Fi devices is not harmful to your health.

The EMF that is used for WiFi routers and all the devices that connect to it is non-ionizing radiation.

That sounds scary, so what does that mean?

It means that it will not break chemical bonds, and so it literally can’t damage DNA.

If you are still a tad concerned, then consider the thought that sunlight is an EMF. If you are not in any way worried about going outside on a sunny day, yet are still deeply concerned about the EMF from a WiFi router then you really really do not have any understanding of EMF at all.


This EMF protection for your WiFi router is a product that is highly effective … at removing money from your wallet.

Caveat emptor, quia ignorare non debuit quod jus alienum emit

Bonus Scam Alert

On Amazon for just $99.99 you can right now also buy a magic sticker that will supposedly protect you from EMF.

You think I’m kidding right?

Nope …

There are numerous offerings of this on Amazon right now.

Are you wondering if there really are people out there who are truly stupid enough to be conned by very blatant scams like this?

What can I say except to remind you that literally millions have been robustly conned into believing that the grifter-in-chief, Trump, is their guy and has their best interests in his heart.

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