The Meaning of Life … according to Answers in Genesis

Ken Ham’s latest posting (12th Sept) is one in which he plays the, “Without God you have no meaning” card, and apparently his heart breaks because there are people out there who do not align their thinking with his. He also plays this card as well … The Bible makes it clear that everyone knows … Read more

Is sin real – Are we really just a few heartbeats away from depravity and wickedness? – Part II

I was writing yesterday about the religious claim that the default status of humans is that we are all fundamentally flawed, and suggested that if this was really true then the world should not be getting better, yet as a stark contrast to that the measurable worldwide trend is one in which violence of all types … Read more

Is sin real – Are we really just a few heartbeats away from depravity and wickedness?

A common foundational idea of religious belief is the classic sales pitch – “here is a hideous problem within human nature, but I have a product that will fix it for you”, but if the problem itself is fictitious, then the proposed “solution” is attempting to fix a problem you do not have. It really is often … Read more

Mike Huckabee thinks there’s a law that ‘black people aren’t fully human’

It’s Kim Davis of course, and so the weird logic that Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is attempting to deploy is that there is a law that we would all agree is morally bad and so we simply all opt to ignore it. In trying to do this, he basically gets it very wrong, and so … Read more

Quick quiz that examines your thoughts on religious liberty

With Kim Davis and all her supporters screaming about being oppressed, there is a nice little quiz that they should consider taking. It first appeared a few years ago in the Huff Po, but has not remained static and has been updated. Here is a sample of the first few questions … 2. My religious liberty … Read more

Apologies to all … I got this very wrong

A few days back I posted the Amnesty International petition for the claim that two sisters had been sentenced to be raped from something that another family member had done. It turns out that the claim was false. As highlighted by the Friendly Atheist … Reporters for Reuters have been looking for confirmation of this … Read more

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