Ex-Muslims – Feeling The destructive force of belief

When belief takes root within the human mind it can blind individuals to the things that truly matter. BBC Newsbeat talked to Sara, an Ex-Muslim, about her experience of no longer believing … “You feel like you’re betraying everyone. Because no one leaves Islam,” she says. She says they kicked her out at 17 and she’s not … Read more

Truly Hilarious – Student sticks knife into Ryanair and twists it a few times

Ryanair is a budget Irish airline that offers cheap tickets, but that comes at a price because if you don’t conform to the exact specifications then the actual price you pay soon mounts up. Oh you want to check a bag in … Ding-£££, Oh you want to check in at the airport … Ding-£££, etc… … Read more

The Internet greatly disrupts religious belief

If you are religious and you are also rather eager to keep your religious belief intact and safe, then you need to stop reading right now, log off, kill your social media accounts and never ever log back in again. You might perhaps think I’m teasing and am not serious, but I’m dead serious because there … Read more

Christian Claim: “atheism in the US has remained flat for over seven decades”

As might be expected, in response to the latest Pew research report that highlights a huge growth of nones and the decline of belief in the US, many believers are popping up to claim that the numbers are all wrong. An example is Jerry Newcombe popping up on the Christian Post with the claim that atheism … Read more

Protesting against the anti-gay truck repair shop

OK, so most of this might already be known to you, stick with me here, there is a punch line coming at the end. The Christian owner of a Michigan truck repair shop, Brian Klawiter, announced on his Facebook page that he would not hesitate to refuse service to an openly gay person or persons. His posting has since then … Read more

Saudi Arabia and Sweden clash over human rights violations

This is truly great news, Saudi Arabia is starting to really feel the heat and Sweden is leading the charge. The UK’s Guardian reports … A clash between Sweden’s progressive foreign policy and the harsh realities of the Middle East has escalated with Saudi Arabia’s withdrawal of its ambassador after Stockholm tore up an arms … Read more

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