Christian Intolerance, spite and outright aggression

If you ask people to list other words that they associate with the word “Christian” then those that embrace some variation of Christianity might suggest terms such as “Love”, “Compassion”, “Tolerance”, etc… However, ask those that are not inside the bubble and you will at times find a rather different list that includes terms such … Read more

Bizarre Scientific papers: “Responding to Richard”

The journal Public Understandings of Science, has posted a truly weird “scientific” paper that is basically an assertion that they found some scientists who don’t like Richard Dawkins. To be precise out of a total of 20,000 they managed to find 38 who did not, and it is the personal opinions of those 38 that is … Read more

Richard Dawkins – Science Is the Poetry of Reality

Richard Dawkins was originally scheduled to give a talk at the Washington Reason Rally last weekend, but unfortunately due to the minor stroke he had a couple of months ago in February, he was not able to travel. He did however record a message that was played there, and that is now online on YouTube. … Read more

Are Atheists Afraid of God?

The author and Broadcaster, Eric Metaxas,  has chipped into the debate regarding the latest quite frankly rather daft claim within a new book by Larry Alex Taunton that claims that well-known Intellectual and Atheist Christopher Hitchens (pictured above) was seriously pondering the idea of a death-bed conversion just before he died. Given that his article is entitled, … Read more

Summary of the Richard Dawkins AMA

A few days ago Richard Dawkins popped up on Reddit and did a AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. As you might expect there were thousands of comments and so only a small subset of the questions could be addressed in any meaningful manner … It started as follows … Hello Reddit. This is Richard Dawkins, ethologist … Read more

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