Claim: Atheism leaves only an empty feeling

Generally when faced with various religious claims my best play is to perhaps simply roll my eyes and move on. Occasionally however I might be sufficiently provoked to wade in. Today’s offering concerns an opinion piece within The Catholic Register titled “Atheism leaves only an empty feeling“. The quick summary of the article is this … Read more

Can you Prove Jesus with Bayes Theorem?

Can you take a statistical tool such as Bayes Theorem and calculate meaningful answers to religious questions such as “Is there a God?“, “Did Jesus exist?“, or “Did Jesus rise from the dead?“. It has been tried, people really will deploy this approach. When challenged they often exclaim “You can’t argue with the maths, it … Read more

Poll: Would an Atheist candidate be elected today?

A recurring polling question is to ask people about the type of candidate that they would vote for. For example, a 2016 Gallup poll discovered that the following types of candidates would be fine with the vast majority… Catholic Candidate? – 93% would vote yes A women Candidate? – 92% would vote yes Black Candidate? … Read more

Poll: Substantial majority of Scottish people are not religious and not spiritual

When people discard a mainstream religion such as Catholicism or Baptist, they often retain some belief. On a poll or census they might identify as “None” because none of the boxes available truly describes them. This gives rise to the term “nones”. If you chat with them, then you will discover that they might indeed … Read more

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