Science, Atheism & the Joyful Life — by Sean Faircloth

In a FB group that I hang out in, somebody posted this quote and I confess I really like it …


I added a comment in which I made the observation that “Sean is a truly fascinating guy to listen to … he really connects with his audience.”, and the basis for that observation was being at TAM a couple of years ago and hearing him speak.

There were of course other “comments” for example the inevitable claim by a religious guy …

This is incorrect definition of humanism. Humanism is plagiarizing morality from religion and presenting it with its own name.

Well yes, I’ll not get into that now, other than to observe that the commenter clearly has no idea what the word “humanism” actually means, nor what the word “morality” means, and I suspect supplying the actual definitions would in no way contribute towards him changing his initial claim because belief tends to blind you like that, he is clearly inside a bubble of belief where people think that you simply cannot be good without some god to tell you what is good.

Somebody else observed that he had never heard of Sean Faircloth and asked if I had any good links of  him speaking. So, I’ve just googled his name and from the top of the list comes the following ten minute clip.

There was always the possibility that I had simply listened to him speak on a good day and that his other talks would be bland and dull, so would this randomly picked clip be good? Indeed yes, very engaging and inspiring, it was indeed the Sean that I remembered.

Here he is

“Stand up for reason and science, because tradition and dogma are bullies” – Sean Faircloth

“Unleashed from dogma, we dance a jig carefree along the cliff’s edge of time, proud our dance, is never hesitant, never cringing, offered boldly, honestly, joyfully, completely. So dig into the work, the nitty gritty of the politics of reason and science, because that goal, that mission, is the most beautiful dance of all.” – Sean Faircloth

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