Do you live in Ireland? – If so, Please read this.

There is a national census in Ireland, and it takes place in a couple of months … on Sunday 10th April to be precise.

And, Atheist Ireland has a plea for you …

Be Honest in the Irish Census on Sunday 10 April. Think before you tick your answer to the religion question, and give an answer that matches your actual religious affiliation. If you still believe in God but you are no longer truly a Roman Catholic, please say so. If you are an atheist or agnostic or humanist and you have no religion, please tick the ‘No Religion’ box.

The last census count appears to show that 87% of the population where Catholic, and Atheist Ireland (quite rightly) feel that many are simply ticking the box to indicate the Religion they were born into, and that it does not reflect what they really think today,

It matters, because the census will guide the state on how to finance services. So think carefully folks … seriously now, do you really want to grant a strong state bias to folks who have so far demonstrated themselves to be utterly corrupt. I don’t even need to say who, because you all know …

So think about it …

* Please don’t tick a religion you don’t actually practice.
* Please don’t tick your childhood religion out of habit.
* Please don’t let someone else fill in your answer.
* Please don’t ignore the question. Answer it honestly.

Curious about the historical”No Religion“, numbers in Ireland? Well if so, then here is how the numbers have changed …

  • 1961 – 1,000
  • 1971 – 7,000
  • 1981 – 39,000
  • 1991 – 66,000
  • 2002 – 138,000
  • 2006 – 186,000

Yep .. there is a very positive rational trend taking place here … so lets make the next one truly reflect what people really think.

You can read lots more about all this here at Atheist Ireland.

Least you wonder, my specific interest here is that I’m Irish … I was born there, and went through the Irish educational system, so I have a strong interest in this.

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