Life of Brian … for real.

American_Atheists_Conference_Street_Testifying_-_YouTubeNow this I enjoyed … so I thought I’d share it with you.

It is Easter Sunday in Salt Lake City, and the American Atheists are holding a Conference, so of course you know that some religious folks will be outside.

Well, it just so happens that one attendee was Eric Schwartz (also known as “Smooth-E”). He is a comedian, musician, and actor known for his energetic blend of stand-up comedy, music, and video … (you can see where this is going … right?) …

… and here is what happened (they really really did not see this coming, it is simply hilarious) …

It may only have 1000 views on You Tube, but it has 1330 shares on Facebook and 2500 likes on the American Atheists page, so its out there.

(Hat tip to Leonie Hilliard for sharing the link with me)

OK, he deserves a little bonus for that, so here is a free ad for his latest CD (Oh and be warned … DO NOT HIT PLAY … this is NSFW) …

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