Rebooting the Human Immune system to cure multiple sclerosis

Dr. Jenny Remington-Hobbs (pictured above) is a 31 year old doctor, a neurologist, from London, who came down with multiple sclerosis (MS). This is one of the most common devastating neurological diseases because there was basically no real cure. The best most could hope for is anti-inflammatory drugs, but that is not a cure. Slowly slowly over time it … Read moreRebooting the Human Immune system to cure multiple sclerosis

Has a nearby Earth-like planet just been discovered?

If you read the Daily Mail, then you might indeed be tempted to think that another earth-like planet had been discovered. The Daily mail within its “Science” section has all the exciting details .. There is one ever so tiny detail here that may be worth pointing out, it is not actually true. The term “Scientists … Read moreHas a nearby Earth-like planet just been discovered?

Is ISIS simply a group of Psychopaths?

When faced with the reality of their abhorrent behaviour, especially when they appear to relish and delight in proudly promoting it, a rather natural thought is that they are simply crazy, or to be a tad more clinical, they are a gang of psychopaths. A psychopath is an individual who acts in an uninhibited manner without … Read moreIs ISIS simply a group of Psychopaths?

There are no Atheist Fundamentalists

A label that some of the religious will often deploy is the term “Atheist Fundamentalist”, but this is a meaningless combination of words. Try these combinations … Atheist Christian Muslim Atheist So what do the above describe? You might for example infer that such combinations apply to individuals who have a specific cultural heritage, but do … Read moreThere are no Atheist Fundamentalists

Yikes a crash

We’ll I guess I knew it was coming … the signs were there … but alas my laptop has now departed this reality and gone to silicon heaven, so no posts for a day or two until a get a new one up and running. Panic not … Normal service will be resumed.

What Really Killed The Dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs dominated the earth for over 150 million years and it was not until about 66 million years ago that they ceased to exist. Whether this extinction was a gradual process or an abrupt catastrophic end has been subject for scientific and geological discussion for many years. In search for these answers, scientists research beyond … Read moreWhat Really Killed The Dinosaurs?