Saudi Arabia puts in a bid to run the UN Human Rights Council

Which would be the ideal nation to run the UN Human Rights Council? I know, let’s find the one nation that infringes every single human right going, and put them in charge, what could possibly go wrong with that? It sounds bizarre, but that is exactly what is now on the table. UN Watch reports the … Read more

Radical Muslim Scholars demand UN impose worldwide ban on ‘Contempt of Religion’

The following has been reported … Earlier this week, the Qatar-based international Union of Muslim Scholars– headed by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the spiritual guide of Egypt’s banned Muslim Brotherhood– called upon the United Nations to make “contempt of religions” illegal.In a statement released on Tuesday, the Union said that there should be “protection for ‘prophets’” and urged … Read more

Hypocrisy of the highest order at the UN

The British Humanist Association (BHA) has called for the repeal of blasphemy laws to an audience of United Nations member states, as part of the 28th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). The BHA website reports … The BHA, which is a partner organisation in the International Coalition Against Blasphemy Laws, has said that … Read more

Emma Watson’s speech at the UN provokes backlash against her – #HeForShe

Emma Watson, yes from harry Potter (she will no doubt carry that association for the rest of hurt life), has made a speech at the UN a couple of days ago that has provoked quite a  reaction. She called for all men to be slaughtered and demanded that the UN immediately proceed with this plan … Read more

Human Rights and the UN – Hypocrisy incarnate

The UN has a Human Rights Council, UNHRC, an inter-governmental body within the United Nations system made up of 47 States responsible for the promotion and protection of all human rights around the globe. Now that is a really fantastic thing to have, the fact that humans have agreed to create such an entity is truly … Read more

Iran and Saudia Arabia to promote women’s rights!!!

Apparently there is to be a UN agency that will be responsible for the promotion of woman’s rights and both Iran and Saudi Arabia are bidding to get seats on the board. Its looks like they might even get them,  Saudi Arabia is running uncontested, and Iran’s name has been put forward by the Asian … Read more

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