Did Sean Spicer Really re-tweet an Onion Article?

The Onion did a nice bit of satire all about the new US White House press secretary, Sean Spicer. The very fact that you most probably do indeed already know the name of the White House press secretary is a bit of a flag that highlights just how extraordinary are the times we now live in. … Read more

The @AltNatParkSer twitter rebellion and other forms of #Resistance – #resist #altGovt

You might, or perhaps might not yet, have appreciated that there is a rising tide of rebellion on Twitter. Gosh, I wonder what inspired that to happen? Well, yes, having already observed the formal gagging of all National Park twitter accounts by the new administration because they tweeted out facts about the crowd size within the National … Read more

Has the US National Park Service gone rogue?

The short TL;DR; answer is probably not, and officially they continue to maintain a politically neutral position. So what inspired the question? The National Mall, the bit of land between the US Capital and the Lincoln Memorial, is officially managed by the US National Park Service. As you are no doubt aware, when Mr T … Read more

Some Twitter Fun

Nothing too serious today and instead just a bit of twitter fun. Many organisations see twitter as an opportunity to reach out to their customers, but hey, people are people and so the observation that everybody is “normal” until you get to know them can at times prove to be a tad challenging. Other do … Read more

Twitter love story ends in marriage

Today is not such a serious day, and so I bring you a small little twitter story of love and romance. Back in 2012 twitter book lover Victoria O’Brien became quite enchanted by whoever was behind the smart funny and humorous tweets emerging from the Oxford St Waterstones bookstore’s twitter account, and so she tweeted this … … Read more

Why am I seeing (((brackets))) around names in twitter?

If you surf twitter then you might have noticed something odd is going on. Some users have taken to putting (((brackets))) around their twitter name, and so you might be wondering what that is all about. Perhaps you dismissed it as a bit of vanity and that people were simply trying to make their name stand out within … Read more

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