Don Quixote Trump attacks windmills

Trump is at it again. While giving a one hour speech at the Turning Point USA student action summit, he not only hit all the usual buttons but also launched into yet another bizarre rant against wind turbines, or to use the term he deployed, he attacked windmills. In a previous rant against wind turbines … Read more

Wingnut Weekly – 13 Oct 2019

When faced with the various wingnut proclamations then you do have to seriously wonder who they are attempting to communicate with. The gullible and the easily manipulated is the most viable answer. Nobody else can take such ideas seriously. During the past week we have been given the strong suggestion that Trump should execute his … Read more

National Weather Service and NOAA vs Trump

The byline is perhaps fact vs fiction and revolves around the tweet put out by the National Weather Service. What happened? Least you missed it, here is how it all played out. On Sept 1st, the idiot-in-chief tweeted this warning about Hurricane Dorian … One tiny flaw, Alabama was not at risk. The Alabama Weather … Read more

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