Coastal Carolina officials not willing to prepare for #climate change

A rather obvious threat facing the costal region of the Carolinas is sea level rise. So how are government officials within the impacted areas preparing their communities? Brian Bulla, a researcher based at Appalachian State University, conducted a survey of official in 20 coastal counties. He then published the results in Ocean & Coastal Management within a paper entitled … Read more

Is Sea Level Really Rising?

We often read stories about the ice in the Arctic, Antarctic, and Greenland melting, but how can we know if this is really true, can we ever be sure? One rather robust and quite irrefutable bit of evidence would be sea level. If indeed there was an on-going trend of a warming Arctic then there should also be an … Read more

James Hansen, father of climate science, has a truly scary paper telling you what comes next.

James Hansen, helped raise the first real public awareness of climate change way back in 1988 when he testified before congress. It is right that he should be the name associated with the topic because he has pioneered modern climate science. He is now doing it again. His latest research pointed to a conclusion that … Read more

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