Scientific Studies of Prayer – the good, the bad, and the really really ugly.

Categories for Scientific studies into Prayer Scientific studies for anything, and that includes prayer, can be dividend up into the following three categories: The Good – Proper scientific rigour has been applied, the data sample is reasonable, the precise details have been well written up, and so the results obtained are fully backed by the … Read more

If Prayer works, then the UK Royals should be the most healthy people on the planet

Does prayer really work? The Health of The British Royal Family Within the UK, the official head of the Church of England is also the current royal monarch. Because the Bible encourages Christians to pray for those in leadership roles, each and every week millions of devout Anglicans have formally beseeched their deity to ensure … Read more

Prayer – How can it possibly work, the concept is incompatible with a God Hypothesis

When faced with circumstances or events that are completely beyond our control, war, disaster, accident, or health challenges, involving either ourselves or others, then a quite common human instinct is to attempt to gain control of the completely uncontrollable by attempting to seek assistance from a supernatural entity – we call that “prayer”. The concept … Read more

The Power or Prayer … for skeptics

I’ve been having a polite dialog with a true believer, who when asked, cites a series of supernatural claims as justification for his beliefs. His exact words are … …God has proven Himself to me many times in my life. Through miracles,healings,Angelic visitations! Before you ask yes Dave I have seen Angels! Seeing is believing … Read more

Christian Couple sent to Jail … because of their faith

There is news that a Christian couple have been given a ten year jail sentence. Yikes, sent to jail for being a Christian, sounds horrendous … what backward nation of barbarians have inflicted this dire punishment, who was it that persecuted these poor souls … Iran, Iraq? … Nope, it was the state of Pennsylvania … Read more

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