#Brexit Urban Legends: Cabbages vs Gettysburg Address

There is an old urban legend, and I really do mean ‘old’ because it goes back to the 1940s. It pops up on a regular basis in social media and contains a compassion between the number of words within some well-respected prose and a supposed directive concerning the selling of cabbages. It usually reads something like this … Read more

Debunking Atheist Myths

Amanda Marcotte has written a nice article that very effectively slices and dices the following ten myths into shreds … There are no atheists in foxholes Atheists are just angry with God Atheists are aggressive and rude Atheism is a white dude thing Atheism is just a faith like any other Atheists don’t have a … Read more

Top 5 Christmas Myths

OK, a bit of fun today, nothing too serious, here now I take a quick look at my top 5 Christmas myths. 1. Jesus was Born on 25th December Hopefully most of you are indeed aware that the date, 25th December, is not actually the specific day Jesus was born. The reason is of course … Read more

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