Bert from Sesame Street is evil

Warning: Bert is really a nice guy and is a tad upset by all these images created by an evil body double. OK, so the story starts off with a chap called Dino Ignacio, an artist and designer, setting up a joke web site in 1996 called “Bert is evil”. It was clearly satire of course because … Read more

Argument From Authority – Baroness Greenfield on Autism

She is at it again, making silly pronouncements, this time it is Autism. Least you missed it, in New Scientist, she has been casually linking internet use with autism. (So no not vaccines, just using the Internet). Now, since this is Baroness Greenfield, CBE,  scientist, writer, broadcaster, and member of the House of Lords, specializes in the physiology of the brain, and has worked to research and bring attention to Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease – we can just take her word for it … right?

Exactly, the old “I’m a doctor just trust me” line simply does not cut it when it comes to claims like this. So what do you need? How about some actual “Evidence”.

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Unleashing change – We can all become skeptics

Bill Davidow, a high-technology industry executive and a venture investor, has written an Opinion piece in todays “Christian Science Monitor”. In it he suggests that the Internet will change our physical space in quite a dramatic way … Today, an even bigger change is afoot. The Internet is about to change our physical space. And … Read more

Could the Net become self-aware?

The question, “Could the Net become self-aware?” is one that I would normally dismiss quite quickly. If your source for good science is simply ripping off the plot from Terminator, then god help us if you ever moved beyond that and watched the Matrix. The question has indeed come up (well of course it has, … Read more

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