Christian Critical Thinking

With specific beliefs it is oh so easy to be 100% sure that you have irrefutable proof that you are in possession of the truth. Anybody who cannot see it simply does not have all the information you have. Its funny because that truly is the way logic works for some, and I should know.As … Read more

What up in Wyoming?

Bill O’Reilly (of Fox News) is running a poll (No don’t panic, I’ve not gone over to the dark side of the force, so hang in with me here). Its a poll all about Glenn Beck and asks if you will miss him on Fox News now that he is departing. Well lets think about … Read more

The Real Shit

This is simply the real shit, no doubt about it, and I mean that quite literally. Jammie Nicholas is the chap who has apparently come up with the idea of manufacturing Perfume using his own shit, and so to inspire you full of confidence here is a photo of him. Ah yes indeed, every inch … Read more


In the context a real debate between several atheists on the idea of having Bibles in hotel rooms, the following are some of the suggestions and comments that came up: “Whenever I find one, I always sign it ‘All the very best – God’” “I always add a note at the beginning that says ‘Spoiler … Read more

Intelligent Gestation

This is hilarious … Erik Lumberjack has crafted a wonderful bit of “Intelligent Design” satire … enjoy … Open Letter to Kansas School Board Thank you for teaching Intelligent Design alongside the Theory of Evolution. Our children deserve to hear multiple viewpoints. I’m concerned, though, that only one Theory of Pregnancy is currently being taught. … Read more

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