Notes on Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica

The term “Cambridge Analytica” has popped up and so you might perhaps be wondering what this is all about. We have a few reliable sources we can use to dig into this a bit. I’m going to strive to keep this short and simple. 50 Million Facebook profiles Essentially the claim is that 50 million … Read more

What do we learn from a new Study on the consumption of Fake News?

A formal study entitled “Selective Exposure to Misinformation: Evidence from the consumption of fake news during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign” has been published this month. Just to be totally clear here, the term is a reference to misinformation – news that is presented as true, but is instead partially or wholly false, and so … Read more

Debating Islam on Facebook – The Shallow end vs the Deep end of the pool

There are two specific Facebook groups I’m in that have rather similar names, but are dominated by very different views. One, entitled ATHEISM DEBUNKED BY MUSLIMEEN (their caps not mine) is dominated by various strands of Islamic thought, and rather bizarrely has  a rule against logic and reason. No really, it reads, “Members are requested not to involve in … Read more

Scam Alert: If Facebook offers you different colours – Avoid, it is a con.

The Inquirer reports … THE SOCIAL NETWORK Facebook has been hit by a scam tempting users to change the colour of the web site. The scam involves inviting users to change the colour of their Facebook to pink, red or black for a limited time only. A link within the post then prompts the user … Read more

Will Facebook destroy your brain?

According to this story here in the UK’s Daily Mail, Facebook and Twitter have created a generation obsessed with themselves, who have short attention spans and a childlike desire for constant feedback on their lives. It then carries on to explain that

Baroness Greenfield, professor of pharmacology at Oxford University, believes the growth of internet ‘friendships’ – as well as greater use of computer games – could effectively ‘rewire’ the brain.”

This of course is not only not a new claim, but also has zero evidence. What we have here is an argument from authority, and not a journalistic write-up from some study … let me repeat, just to be sure you get it …

there is no evidence that supports this.

Read more

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