Religion will thrive and sceptics may die out – Is this really true?

Beliefs that are rather obviously not true at all thrive, and so we should perhaps ponder over the question – why it is like this? The geneticist Steve Jones (pictured above) makes a rather interesting observation regarding beliefs and identifies one good reason. While speaking about this at the Hay Literary Festival, a reporter thought, “Hey … Read more

Ex-Muslims are living the British dream

Ed West has a nice article over in the Spectator entitled “Ex-Muslims are living the British dream – Britain should support them”. He writes … There was an excellent Radio 4 documentary on yesterday in which Sarfraz Manzoor interviewed a group of people you don’t hear much about – ex-Muslims. … the ex-Muslims are right. … Read more

Mormons: Don’t buy into the myth that raising kids in the church will benefit them … it won’t

Generally Mormons are decent, honest, respectful, and don’t have a culture that involves either alcohol or drugs, and so because of this some might argue that even if the actual beliefs are not true, being part of the culture can be beneficial. “Raise your kids Mormon, because they nurture things such as public speaking, athletics, … Read more