Christian Myth: “Christianity is a loving peaceful belief system”

I blogged yesterday about the extreme ideas that are rather popular within mainstream Islam, so perhaps it is only fair to turn that coin over and look at the competition … “Christianity”. It is generally asserted to be a peaceful and loving belief, and promoted as such, but once again this is not factually correct, … Read more

“A Look at Two Common Atheist Arguments” by a Christian … my rebuttal

Over at the Christian Post there is a blog posting that went up yesterday by a chap called Robin Schumacher entitled “A Look at Two Common Atheist Arguments”. Will this be a cut above the usual? Perhaps yes, he is billed as, “A Theologian and apologist” and “has a Ph.D. in New Testament and Master’s in Christian … Read more

How accurate are the gospels?

An interesting thread opened up on the JREF forums when a devout believer who calls himself 154 started a thread entitled “Why do you hate Jesus?”. Many folks politely pointed out several issues that the poster needed to seriously consider and also explained that the JREF skeptics were not secret believers who hated Jesus (which … Read more

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