Professor A C Grayling’s letter to all 650 MPs – #BREXIT

The well-known philosopher and founder of the New Humanities college, A C Grayling has written a letter to all 650 MPs regarding the #BREXIT vote. The letter has been posted on the New College of Humanities website and has the following note added to it … Please note: The following letter expresses the personal views … Read more

What happens to UK Science after the #BREXIT shock?

“WE can go it alone, we don’t need them” has been a LEAVE stance, and yet if the UK is indeed to thrive outside the EU then there will need to be a considerable scientific investment to make up for the sudden absence of EU funding. It also of course goes way beyond the pure … Read more

What happens now that #BREXIT has become a reality? – #EURef

(Rant Mode on) I never believed it and simply did not grasp that it would actually happen. Why not? Well because I simply did not think that we had a sufficiently large enough number of utterly stupid people who were so bereft of any and all common sense that they were unable to see that the LEAVE … Read more

#Brexit Urban Legends: Cabbages vs Gettysburg Address

There is an old urban legend, and I really do mean ‘old’ because it goes back to the 1940s. It pops up on a regular basis in social media and contains a compassion between the number of words within some well-respected prose and a supposed directive concerning the selling of cabbages. It usually reads something like this … Read more

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