Giant Void under Antarctic Ice

Antarctic Thwaites

The media has picked up some stories concerning Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier. For example … Independent: Massive cavity opening in Antarctic glacier is ‘disturbing’ sign of climate change, says Nasa CNN: Gigantic hole two-thirds the size of Manhattan discovered in Antarctic glacier etc… What is the alpha source for these stories? Basically it is the following NASA JPL … Read more

New Study: Moderate warming will lead to huge increases in Sea level


A new study has been published in nature that reveals some very worrying data. Looking back to see what has actually happened in the past is a good way to work out what is coming as we warm the planet, and it is that data that reveals the degree of warming required to melt vast … Read more

Antarctic ice loss has tripled in a decade. If that continues, we are in serious trouble.


It is big news from the Antarctic and many media outlets have quite rightly picked it up and reported on this, so let’s dig into it a bit, by going to the alpha source. Something dramatic is happening in the Antarctic. We have precise measurements going back to 1992 when satellites enabled us to measure what … Read more

Thwaites Glacier: Biggest ever Antarctic field campaign


The Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica is not simply some far away place of scientific interest, but instead has become the focus of the biggest ever Antarctic field campaign. It has become apparent that what is happening there right now has the potential to greatly impact us … soon. Because of the risk, the biggest ever joint UK-US … Read more

Antarctica Glaciers are in trouble – #Climate

Antarctic glacier

A new study has been published that reveals that warm ocean currents are rapidly eating away at Antarctic Glaciers at a rather alarming rate. The key to understanding this comes via a satellite analysis of the grounding lines of Antarctic glaciers. That’s the point at which the glacier rests on solid land. What has been … Read more