QED Tickets are selling out fast – #QEDcon

opengraphQED, a grassroots driven skeptics conference, is scheduled to take place on 14-16 Oct in Manchester, and tickets are selling out fast.

They just sent me this email …

QED 2016 tickets selling quickly—get yours before they’re gone!

Tickets to QED 2016 are still on sale, and already we’re set to be the biggest QED yet! To get your ticket to Europe’s largest weekend celebration of science and reason, taking place in Manchester from the 14th-16th October, visit qedcon.org.

With comedian and mathematician Matt Parker as MC, the final line-up for the QED main stage is now confirmed:

  1. Susan Blackmore: psychologist and lecturer who has investigated paranormal phenomena and examined reports of ‘out of body’ experiences.
  2. Michael Blastland: freelance writer and broadcaster who created the BBC radio series ‘More or Less’, examining statistical errors in the news and the role of risk in our lives.
  3. Petra Boynton: Social Psychologist whose work in International Health Research focuses on sex and relationships during pregnancy, pregnancy loss, and parenthood.
  4. Alexis Conran: actor, magician and presenter whose show ‘The Real Hustle’ showed viewers how easy it is to be conned, and how to spot a scam.
  5. Captain Disillusion (aka Alan Melikdjanian): independent filmmaker examining viral videos to expose hoaxes and special effects, demonstrating techniques involved in producing them.
  6. Timandra Harkness: comedian, writer and presenter whose work for the BBC has covered the psychology of ideology, the role of technology in future-proofing our lives.
  7. Britt Hermes: naturopath-turned whistleblower whose blog ‘Naturopathic Diaries’ exposes the pseudoscientific claims made in naturopathic educational programs.
  8. Meirion Jones: investigative journalist and documentary producer whose work for the BBC’s Newsnight helped expose and prosecute the conman behind fake bomb detectors.
  9. ‘Dr Karl’ Kruszelnicki: one of Australia’s most recognisable science communicators, his Radio 4 show ‘Up All Night’ answers science questions from listeners on any topic.
  10. Sally Le Page: host of the ‘Shed Science’ YouTube series exploring the world of biology, from genetics to behaviour, produced from her garden shed.
  11. Cara Santa Maria: broadcaster, podcaster and science communicator who appears on the podcasts ‘Talk Nerdy’ and the ‘Skeptics Guide to the Universe’.
  12. Mark Stevenson: writer and comedian whose book ‘The Optimist’s Tour of the Future’ took him in search of the technological breakthroughs to tackle the biggest threats of our age.

As well as our regular main-stage talks and breakout panel sessions, this year we’ve added an additional track, featuring live shows by some of the biggest skeptical podcasts out there, including Cognitive Dissonance, God Awful Movies, InKredulous and Skeptics with a K.

We’ve also announced a free pub quiz compiled and hosted by QI writer and former policeman Stevyn Colgan, plus a FREE day of skeptical talks, available to all, at QED Skepticamp. And we still have plenty more surprises still to announce…

So, don’t delay—grab your QED ticket today and we’ll see you in October!

I got the email because I was there last year and had a fantastic time, so I’ll be going again this year.

Events like this are not just about turning up and attending some fascinating talks, but is also very much about hanging out with lots of like minded people who are deeply passionate about science and rationalism. The one thing I can promise is that they don’t do dull.

How much does it cost?

It is truly grassroots, hence there is a desire to keep costs low just to cover expenses (anything left then gets donated). This year the cost for the entire weekend is £99 (or £69 for students).

What generally happens?

Perhaps the best way of answering that is to point you at my notes and pictures from last year …

Fri – #QEDcon – #skepticamp

Sat Daytime

Sat Evening


What happens outside of the meetings?

Generally people hang out in the bar and mingle, and no, you are not obliged to drink anything. Just wander up to complete strangers and get to know them.

There is one huge disadvantage

If you are going, or thinking of going, then I am obliged to advise that there is one huge disadvantage that you do need to consider, I’ll also be there, so you just might meet me.

How do I get a ticket?

Surf on over to their website – Click Here.

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