The ITV show “Good Morning” put Mark Tilbrook on the couch beside supposed Psychic Colin Fry and interviewed them both. Alas I missed the live interview, but it can be watched on-line. Why was he interviewed? Mark is the skeptic who was handing out critical thinking leaflets outside Sally Morgan’s show and was […]

Mark Tilbrook interviewed about Sally Morgan and Psychics on UK TV

As you might or perhaps might not be aware, the UK’s most famous supposed psychic, Sally Morgan, has been having rather a lot of dire publicity recently, so that is perhaps something to celebrate. It all started last April when skeptic Mark Tilbrook was outside one of her shows handing out […]

Sally Morgan, the supposed psychic who never saw what was about to happen

Last night at #QEDcon the best blog of the year award went to Jonny Scaramanga for his fabulous Leaving Fundamentalism website. Here below you can see a picture (taken by Kevin Friery‏@Therapeutic1) where Nate Phelps presents Jonny Scaramanga with his award at #QEDcon #skeptic #atheism And yes, that is “the” Nate Phelps, the son […]

Awards at #QEDcon – Leaving Fundamentalism