Pictures from Skepticamp Manchester 2017 – #QEDcon

For anybody wondering … this posting is really only of interest to those attending #QEDcon, or curious to see what happened. This is simply a collection of my own pictures and also tweets that you might be interested in

The agenda for this year was as usual fascinating. I’ve posted a few of my pictures below and have mingled in a few from others  that were tweeted out.

11:15 Faraz Alam Can you spot Scientific Fraud?

11:30 Andrew Taylor You Do Not Understand Colour

11:45 Michael Hales Brain on Fire

12:00 Paul Hood God without Delusion: Can Parasocial Models Explain Relationships with a Personal God?

12:15 Karin McClure Clean Eating: A rant by Karin McClure

12:30 Matthew Riddle Skeptical About Skepticism

12:45 Natalie Newell Parenting without Woo

13:00 Anthony Magnabosco Addressing Relativism Before Unpacking Truth Claims

13:15 James Williams A Skeptical look at Necrophilia

14:30 Adam Cuerden Musical Mayhem

14:45 Paul Brocklehurst Is Free Will Just Hot Air?

15:00 Claire Klingenberg European Skeptics Unite!

15:15 Polyp Drawing the line: a frantic history of Mohammad images.

15:30 David Gamble How to Speak in Tongues – Practical Lessons

15:45 Sean Slater Skeptics at the Fringe

16:00 Pontus Böckman Don’t be a dick – seven steps to better Skepticism

16:15 Buck Mulligan I’m Buck Mulligan and I was a 9/11 Truther

16:30 Tom Williamson The Rule of Tincture

16:45 Andras Gabor Pinter BS vs facts in tourism – how big a deal is it?

17:00 Rebecca Fox I want to believe: communicating skepticism to ordinary people

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