The “Certainty of Faith” vs “Skepticism”

The beating heart of modern science is skepticism, or to be more precise, Scientific Skepticism. This essentially means that when presented with a claim, is it not simply accepted, no matter who said it or how profound it might be, but instead you challenge the idea and ask if there is verifiable evidence that confirms it. This … Read moreThe “Certainty of Faith” vs “Skepticism”

Amanda Berry is alive and well … and proves Sylvia Browne to be a fraud

The news is fabulous, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight who vanished 10 years ago were assumed to dead have been found alive and well … but you now know this, it would be hard not to, it has been quite rightly plastered all over every news cast. What can I add that has … Read moreAmanda Berry is alive and well … and proves Sylvia Browne to be a fraud

Live demonstration of Psychic Powers

Not too long ago I found myself sitting in a meeting in Dublin within which the Paranormal was being “successfully” demonstrated. Well-known paranormal investigator Richard Saunders announced, “ I’m smelling tobacco, specifically a pipe smoker, it is definitely coming through for somebody here”. It’s a hit, my father who passed away was a pipe smoker. … Read moreLive demonstration of Psychic Powers

Magical ley lines – debunked

ley linesAre you familiar with the concept of a ley lines?

These are apparently special magical lines that run between ancient archaeological sites or monuments. If like me, you grew up devouring all the mystical books doing the rounds such as “Chariot of the Gods” by Erich Von Daniken, or “The Third Eye” by Lobsang T Rampa, then you will have no doubt come across the claim at some point. In fact, I’d be astonished if you had not heard of them, the idea has more or less embedded itself as a cultural meme these days.

Where did the Ley Lines idea originally come from?

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