Snapshots from the web … today

Here are a couple of quick links from around the skeptic blogverse today…

Ben Goldacre explains to us in his latest posting on how to read a newspaper … no, not how to read, but rather, how to check the silly claims they often make and check … in other words, how to be skeptical and apply a bit of skeptical thinking. Its not just theory, he takes you through some practical examples. Oh, and this is not just his web site, its the latest edition of his bad Science column which is also published in the Guardian. …. so he is in effect perhaps telling you how to read what he has written.

The JREF have put up a video of Joe Nickel at TAM3 talking about several of his many paranormal investigations.  Nickell covers the The Flatwoods Monster, Camp Chesterfield, The Nazca Lines, The Shroud of Turin, and more. the good news here is that the JREF are starting to make their video library available on-line … you should check it out … especially the video of this very famous paranormal investigator.

For folks into Science Fiction, Phil Plait, the famous Bad Astronomer blogger, is tapping into his nerd soul by bringing you a Battlestar Galactica star map … that has been created by a chap who has a degree in astrophysics [and BSG I guess] and works on the Cassini Saturn probe, so it must be accurate then… just a bit of fun … if you liked the series, you might like this.

PZ over at Pharyngula, has a few words to say about the Governor of Texas who apparently gave his thoughts on “ed-u-caton” and wonders if this is another instance of Poe’s law.

And finally Blag Hag explains how you can prank your Atheist friends by arranging for a Mormon Missionary to pay them a call (I think she has also removed her address from her site before posting this) …

There is of course tons more stuff out there … its totally subjective from my viewpoint, these are just a few recent items I collected up for you because they tickled my “Oh thats cool” nerve … so enjoy.

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