#QEDCon – Sat 12th April – just Rob’s pictures

Once again, this is simply me stealing a small selection of some of the fantastic photos taken by Rob so that you get a quick 30,000 foot view of what has been happening. Tempting as it might be to actually type in some notes … nah, I’m too busy enjoying it all, I want to pay attention.

It’s back … you know that you are in the right place when you find this …



First speaker … #QEDcon decided that Elizabeth Pisani should talk about sex and drugs…


Next up was the amazing Richard Wiseman who took un an an amazing journey through a mixture of magic and psychology …



Now we have @BeautyByGeeks at #QEDcon #BigBangMeetsBarbie telling us all about the weird and wonderfully pseudo-scientific meaningless techno-babble …



… and we are back and in full swing once again with … .@bobbyllew‘s batteries are THIS big! #QEDcon

Side note: New series of Red Dwarf coming … yea.



Guerrilla Skeptics.com up next … it’s Susan Gerbic on how to get an infinite number of gorillas typing for eternity until they write a proper skeptical Wikipedia page :-) … @SusanGerbic is very happy with her T-shirt design! #QEDcon


Here’s @sheencr telling #QEDcon about cleanliness and parasitic worms!


And so on to the final session of the day, its the fabulous Mark Crislip  (@MarkCrislip) talking about Supplements, Complementary & Alternative Medicine (SCAM’s) Myths … (you will find his website here) … and yes, lots of information rich slides (so you will find a pdf of them here)



And so that is a wrap for the formal talks today.

On to the rebel dinner and evening entertainment now.


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