Notes from The skeptical Blogverse today

Here are a couple of stories from around the Skeptical Blogsphere today …

Over on Butterflies and Wheels, Ophelia Benson has a copy of letter that the Bishop set to St Josephs hospital demanding they they never again perform an abortion to save a life if they wish to keep their catholic Status … what he says is truly jaw-dropping stuff …

In effect, you would have me believe that we will merely have to agree to disagree. But this resolution is unacceptable because it disregards my authority and responsibility to interpret the moral law and to teach the Catholic faith as a Successor of the Apostles.

So in effect he was ordering the doctors to let a woman die because he is a Successor of the Apostles!!! What a truly obnoxious and totally clueless gobshite … that’s modern Catholicism for you today … Read more here

Over at Pharyngula, PZ blogs about how Intelligent Design creationism is fundamentally wrong. There is a clip of clip of Paul Nelson praising Jonathan Wells and his godawful gemisch of bad scholarship and lies, Icons of Evolution … and so PZ has a few words to say about all this … those words include … “infuriatingly dishonest”, “propaganda mill with no evidence for their fantasies”, “appallingly bad work of misrepresentation and misleading innuendo” … yes indeed, another quite enjoyable takedown from PZ … Read more here.

Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomy blogger over on Discover, has a few brief notes … about the schedule for his next episode of “Bad Universe” will air on Discovery … and a link to some suggestions for secular charities … Read more here.

Jack of Kent, the UK based legal blogger, explains that while he is mainly writing at the New Statesman on legal and other matters, he will maintain his blog going forward and so he will host a series of posts on libel and libel reform. The intention is to begin from first principles: What is libel actually for? What is libel supposed to be protecting? … Read More here.

Jerry A. Coyne, over at Why Evolution is True, is pondering the purchase of an iPad, and says … “I’m dubious about this device, and haven’t bought one, though I’m considering it as a substitute for a laptop when I’m doing nonacademic travels in foreign lands”. He is looking for guidance, and would like you to comment about your experiences with it … Read More here. However, he also blogs about New York Times Book Review recommends Holy Ignorance by Olivier Roy in which there are some very interesting insights regarding the rise of fundamentalism and its root causes … Read more here.

Finally, Blag Hag, has a cartoon to make you laugh … Read it here.


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