IBM has Five technology Predictions for 2015

IBM has a list of five potential technology innovations that may happen in the next five years … if these do happen, they will change people’s lives, You can read lots more about it all … here is where Bloomberg reports all this. However, to save you the bother, here is a quick summary

– Tiny holographic cameras that can fit into cell phones, allowing users to see each other in 3-D (Sounds fun for occasional use, but do you really want folks who call to see where you really are, and also see that you currently look like death slightly warmed up)

– Batteries that use air to react with energy-dense metal to last 10 times longer, or smaller ones that are charged through “energy scavenging,” similar to how wrist watches work. (Yep, quite possible and desirable … I suspect the need for efficient batteries in cars might drive this forward … but the need to keep topping up your smart phone every day is also something that will perhaps drive this)

– “Citizen scientists” who will use devices and other consumer goods implanted with simple sensors that can track various environmental issues, such as climate data, invasive plants or animals that threaten ecosystems. (Sounds green and desirable … but I don’t see this happening … sure IBM would love it, they then flog the hardware to manage all that data, I guess thats why the tout this one)

– Mathematical models and predictive analytics technologies that allow for personalized commutes. (Yep … a smart SatNav that allows you to avoid traffic and take you from A to B using the fastest route … but if everybody out there has the same, it would need to be very very dynamic and rapidly adapt)

– Computers and data centers that reuse excessive heat and energy for building heating and cooling needs. (Duh! … don’t we already do this, if not, its a simple step to take … IBM are already working on multi-layered water-cooled hardware, so why not tap into all that hot water)

OK, take it all with a couple of grains of salt … it speculation and far from a done deal … but still interesting anyway to see what some movers and shakers think might be developed.

If curious, click the link above to read about it all … or just watch the IBM Video ..

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