TAM 2011 Panel: Our Future In Space

Its finally up …

When attending TAM last July, one of the most entertaining panel discussions was, “Our Future In Space“. There we all watched in awe as Pamela Gay, Lawrence Krauss, Bill Nye, and Neil deGrasse Tyson battled it out in good humor.

This in many ways is what TAM is all about, for here we have some truly world-class experts on one panel in a safe and secure environment where they can freely express their opinions, and at the same time educate us all on the issues. It was not just great information, but was also fantastic entertainment.

The above picture is one that I took myself, but ah heck, who needs a picture when you can now watch the movie.

Ah but just before we start here is a little more info to tempt you. This specific panel is now legendary, it starts out as you might expect, but the moderator (Phil Plait) rapidly looses control because these are all folks who are passionate about this topic and will not be moderated. It soon gets quite heated and includes the now famous shush deployed by Pamela to successfully silence Tyson.

Enjoy …

TAM Panel – Our Future in Space from JREF on Vimeo.



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